DW Portfolio

Here is a selection of my design work. The latest projects are added to the top. Click on the thumbnails to view. If you like what you see, you may want to contact me.

Sprint Chemicals
Design and developement of logo and label packaging.

SMU College Republicans
Design and developement of the SMU logo and website.
Visit the site.

Farm Bureau - Initiative 933
Design and developement of the official website for Initiative 933, in Washington State, for the Washington State Farm Bureau. I re-designed this site to better suit the initiative. Click the link to see the new design. To see the old design click on the thumbnail. Visit the site.

Washington State Games
T-shirt design for the Washington State Games.

Yakima Sunkings
Design of season ticket book and season tickets for the local CBA basketball team.

Yakima Reds
Design of Yakima Reds Print Campaign for 2005 for the local PDl soccer team.

Columbia Steppe Northwest Coffeehouse
Design of logo, punchcards, advertisment and sticker print materials.

Miscellaneous Business Cards
A small sample of the numerous business cards I have done.

The Greenway Foundation
Design and of print collateral for the 25th Anniversary of the Yakima Greenway Foundation.

King Mountain Tobacco
Point of sale poster design for Yakama Indian owned tobacco and cigarette company.

World Eye Detective Agency
Design of logo, brochure, business card and stationary for a private investigation agency.

Logo Designs
A selection of logos I have designed.

Camp Matoaka
Design of camp brochure and staff brochure for an all girls camp in Smithfield, Maine.

Redneck Catering
One might think this is an imaginary company, but it acutally exists, design of logo, business card and brochure.

YVCC Nursing Program
Design of invitation and program for graduating ceremony

P-51 Mustang Art
Part of a local air art show done for a local air museum.

DW Promo Poster
A personal promo poster.

Datsun 280z Art
A personal art project of the famed Datsun Z-car.